The science behind the discovery of NAD+ goes all the way back to 1906 when Sir Arthur Harden and William John Young were aiming to better understand fermentation and identified the molecule NAD+. Little did they know the how big a discovery they had made. Nearly 20 years later, Harden along with Hans von Euler-Chelpin shared the 1929 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, they had identified the structure of NAD+ is comprised of two nucleotides, the foundation for nucleic acids, which form our DNA. Scientists such as Otto Heinrich Warburg, Conrad A. Elvehjem, C.K. Koehn and Arthur Kornberg further pushed NAD+ research leading to some incredibly amazing discoveries in the role that NAD+ play in the human body.

It has well been established and known by scientists that NAD+ is an essential component to our quality of life and wellbeing. Now with institutions like Harvard, The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and many more with funding in the millions pouring into NAD+ research even greater discoveries are being made everyday. 

Scientists have now recognised that NAD+ plays an intrinsic role in our mental, physical and emotional health and is essential to our cellular energy and health which ultimately leads to a younger, healthy and more vibrant individual. The younger and healthier your cells act and feel the younger you look and feel, because it all starts from the inside out.