NAD Australia have partnered up with Jinfiniti Precision Medical located on the  Medical College of  Augusta campus in Georgia, USA. Comprising a team of researchers dedicated to increasing the human healthspan, foundered by Dr. Jin-Xiong She. Dr. Jin-Xiong is best known for his international TEDDY study, whose goals are to screen hundreds of thousands of newborns for HLA-DR,DQ to prospectively identify environmental and genetic factors that lead to, or protect against, Type 1 Diabetes. Other areas of Dr. Jin-Xiong's research include high-throughput drug screening, cancer genomics, aging biomarkers, and more, as seen in his GRA profile .
Jinfiniti Precision Medical specialise in tests that measure NAD, senescence, inflammation, oxidative stress, or other hallmarks of aging, so you can make better decisions directed at improving your healthspan.

The Intracellular NAD Blood Test is your guide to better NAD+. This at home test will be able to determine your current NAD+ levels and advise a customised dosage for you to increase and maintain optimal NAD+ levels, all based on your blood work and the lifestyle factors aging you.

  • Find out whether you are aging faster than you should.
  • Find out why you are aging faster than you should.
  • Find out how to slow down or reverse your aging process.
  • Find out potential solutions to reduce your risk of developing age-related diseases and maximise your healthspan and lifespan.
  • Find out the efficacy of your treatment or supplements and personalised dosages.