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Thoughtfully created to provide uncompromised quality and value in daily NAD+ nutritional support. We use the finest quality NAD+ available, with no filler, no fluff and no nasties.

Our supplement contains 200mg of NAD+ and is encased in an enteric coated capsule. These capsules are scientifically engineered to bypass the stomach for superior delivery and maximum absorption into the body.


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NAD Australia have partnered up with Jinfiniti Precision Medical located on the  Medical College of  Augusta campus in Georgia, USA. Comprising a team of researchers dedicated to increasing the human healthspan, foundered by Dr. Jin-Xiong She. Dr. Jin-Xiong is best known for his international TEDDY study, whose goals are to screen hundreds of thousands of newborns for HLA-DR,DQ to prospectively identify environmental and genetic factors that lead to, or protect against, Type 1 Diabetes. Other areas of Dr. Jin-Xiong's research include high-throughput drug screening, cancer genomics, aging biomarkers, and more, as seen in his GRA profile .
Jinfiniti Precision Medical specialise in tests that measure NAD, senescence, inflammation, oxidative stress, or other hallmarks of aging, so you can make better decisions directed at improving your healthspan.

The Intracellular NAD Blood Test is your guide to better NAD+. This at home test will be able to determine your current NAD+ levels and advise a customised dosage for you to increase and maintain optimal NAD+ levels, all based on your blood work and the lifestyle factors aging you.

  • Find out whether you are aging faster than you should.
  • Find out why you are aging faster than you should.
  • Find out how to slow down or reverse your aging process.
  • Find out potential solutions to reduce your risk of developing age-related diseases and maximise your healthspan and lifespan.
  • Find out the efficacy of your treatment or supplements and personalised dosages.



The science behind the discovery of NAD+ goes all the way back to 1906 when Sir Arthur Harden and William John Young were aiming to better understand fermentation and identified the molecule NAD+. Little did they know the how big a discovery they had made. Nearly 20 years later, Harden along with Hans von Euler-Chelpin shared the 1929 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, they had identified the structure of NAD+ is comprised of two nucleotides, the foundation for nucleic acids, which form our DNA. Scientists such as Otto Heinrich Warburg, Conrad A. Elvehjem, C.K. Koehn and Arthur Kornberg further pushed NAD+ research leading to some incredibly amazing discoveries in the role that NAD+ play in the human body.

It has well been established and known by scientists that NAD+ is an essential component to our quality of life and wellbeing. Now with institutions like Harvard, The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and many more with funding in the millions pouring into NAD+ research even greater discoveries are being made everyday. 

Scientists have now recognised that NAD+ plays an intrinsic role in our mental, physical and emotional health and is essential to our cellular energy and health which ultimately leads to a younger, healthy and more vibrant individual. The younger and healthier your cells act and feel the younger you look and feel, because it all starts from the inside out. 






What does NAD+ stand for?

NAD+ stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide.

Is NAD+ found naturally in the body?

YES, NAD+ is found naturally occurring in our bodies but begins to decline as we age, along with unhealthy lifestyle choices, drug/alcohol consumption, chronic disease and mental illness.

Do I need NAD+?

YES! We all need NAD+. The more we have available to our body and brain the more optimised and younger our body feels, looks and functions.

Does NAD+ impact our everyday life?

YES, NAD+ directly impacts our everyday living as it is responsible for our Mental, Physical and Emotional wellbeing.

Why Enteric Coated Capsules?

Enteric coated capsules are scientifically deigned to move through the stomach without breaking down and realising the contents until they reach the small intestine. These specific capsules have and acid resistant coating which prevents them from falling apart in an acidic environment and are only activated in and alkaline based environment with a ph factor of 5.5 or higher this allows for the ingredient to be effectively absorbed into the body. 

What happens when you stop taking NAD+?

Your NAD+ levels will naturally begin to decrease, as they normally would without the increased availability of NAD+ via supplementation.

Do we need NAD+ to stay alive?

YES, NAD+ is literally what keeps us alive. Once we run out our heart completely stops beating.

Does NAD+ regulate cell death?

Cell death is natural part of the aging process for us all, although for some individuals, it is detrimental to the quality. With this in mind, NAD+ supplements can regulate cell death, helping to reduce the impact, while also promoting regeneration.

Does NAD+ effect Fertility?

NAD+ has a direct impact on the health and quality of genetic material. Huge amounts of NAD+ is required to conceive a healthy baby and is essential for a safe pregnancy. The higher the amount of NAD+ available the less risk of birth defects and miscarriage.

Does NAD+ impact Libido?

NAD+ supports healthy sexual function and desire impacting stamina, endurance and mood. 

Where is our NAD+ made?

Our ingredient is COA Certified Pure NAD+ made from local and imported ingredients and manufactured here in Australia.

Does NAD Australia use any other ingredients?

NO! NAD Australia does not use any other ingredients. Our supplement contains NAD+ only. NO FILLER, NO FLUFF & NO NASTIES.

Is NAD+ a stimulant like caffeine?

NO, NAD+ is NOT a stimulant like caffeine.

Can you take NAD+ when pregnant or nursing?

We are unable to advise by law. We recommend you consult your Medical Professional for advice.

What does NAD+ do?

NAD+ is a coenzyme that works on a cellular level to repair and restore youth and vitality throughout our entire body.



NAD Australia has been established since 2018 and has been pioneering NAD IV therapies and the NAD+ oral supplement in an Enteric Coated Capsule. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated company, passionate about delivering to you the best NAD+ has to offer. NAD Australia believes in a holistic, pro active and preventative approach to our health and wellbeing. Unlike the competition we offer the highest dose capsule along with the opportunity for you to test your NAD+ levels and customise your dosage and maintenance program.

NAD Australia has created the ultimate NAD+ supplement with multiple uses, allowing you to receive the maximum benefits NAD+ has to offer, for your lifestyle support, fitness and detox from toxins and free radicals. 

NAD+ supplementation helps to support the ever growing demands of a busy lifestyle, with funding for scientific research growing in the millions every day around the world. NAD+ is a scientific breakthrough discovery revolutionising the quality of our everyday living and longevity. NAD Australia is honoured to deliver one of the highest quality and purest NAD+ supplements available in the world.


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