Key pointers

  • NAD+ supplement improves the vital physiological process of the body.
  • Oral supplementation is easy, effective, and doesn’t require any expertise.
  • NAD+ Supplementation is important for delaying the aging process.

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide has emerged with the best enzymatic effects related to calorie control and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Investing in this supplement is essential and beneficial for our well-being in many ways. It has a worthy role in maintaining and boosting the cardiovascular and physiological functions in the body which deteriorate with aging. Various researches have been conducted on the use of its supplementation, like the one which is a double-blind, placebo-controlled practice. It discovered that the chronic supplementation of NAD+ is effectively used to boost up the level of NAD+ in the body in any age group. Moreover, studies have shown the positive effect of its supplementation on reducing blood pressure and arterial stiffness in all age groups.

Age-related cardiovascular disorders have become prominent in the recent era and have become the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in many countries. It can happen due to arterial changes such as stiffening of the aorta, as well as, by the increase in blood pressure. Better results and outcomes could be made by reducing the level of blood pressure in the body to prevent such disorders. 

Calorie restriction is a tool to low cholesterol levels in the body, which decreases the blood pressure and in return, the Aging process slows down. When aging occurs, the level of NAD+ goes down due to which Sitruins activity is reduced, and as a result, aging gets worst. Thus, the tendency of cells to get NAD+ gets increased. Though it can be made from amino acid tryptophan that process is not acquired by all tissues. Thus, it is preferred to take it as a dietary form.

Oral supplementation either in the form of metabolites is effective and serves as a precursor of NAD+. It is used to maintain normal physiological functioning in animals. It has also been observed that its supplementation in NAD+ form through water has improved cardiovascular health in mice. Many types of research were conducted on the role of Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide supplementation in humans, and trials proved that 1000 mg dose per day of NAD+ can be effectively tolerated by the human body. Moreover, it helps reduce blood pressure and maintain cardiovascular health in humans. There could be many supplements of NAD+ and the essential one is Niacin which is used to treat the disease pellagra which is a severe skin disorder associated with dermatitis and acted upon dark skin people. Its recommended intake to treat pellagra is about 16 mg per day. And its high doses are used to treat cardiovascular disorders occurring in the body. Regarding aging, it is beneficial as well because, with advancing age, the level of NAD+ goes down, due to which the requirement for NAD+ increased to treat this condition.


Supplementation with NAD+ is always essential for our wellbeing. It acts as a lifesaving investment that should be considered a non negotiable investment with increasing age.


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